What Amazon Saw in New York and Northern Virginia

Amazon spent over a year searching for its HQ2 utopia, but couldn’t find one city to fit all of its needs. Do New York and Northern Virginia check all of the boxes on the online retailer's wish list?

How Pizza Night Can Cost
More in Data Than Dollars

Even a low-key evening at home can mean handing over a trove of personal information to high-tech companies.

The Toll of Opioids

More than 300,000 Americans have died from opioid overdoses since the late 1990s, nearly as many as claimed by leukemia. Read more on the people behind the data.

How to Make a Phone Call

In 2017. Explained in a series of calls. A collaboration with Joanna Stern and Jieqian Zhang.

Trump's Border Wall

Only about 650 miles of the border have some sort of fencing today, and adding to that is complicated by geography, politics, land-ownership issues and funding.

Maps by Renée Rigdon.

Top 25 Tech Companies

to Watch

The Wall Street Journal ranks 25 emerging leaders (2017) in hot corners of the tech industry. I made it look nice for desktop and mobile.

Then and Now:
The Big Shift At Work

A couple generations ago, workers in the U.S. could expect a 9-to-5 schedule, retirement benefits, generous health insurance and a sense that they could spend years, even decades, at a single company.

Not today.

Political Power Shifts

A visual look at how the opposing party has gained ground under every president since Truman.

State of the Union:
Obama's Greatest Hits

A look at how the audience responded to Obama’s State of the Union speeches over the years.